Cathal Conlon and Victoria Denoon


It is a pleasure to welcome you to Irish Network Boston (IN Boston). Since its inception in 2010, our organization has worked tirelessly to promote the enduring link between Ireland and the United States. Buoyed by unique events, member to member networking opportunities, partnerships and information sharing with local and national sister Irish organizations, IN Boston exemplifies a sincere commitment to engaging the Irish diaspora – including Irish born, Irish Americans and friends of Ireland. Our goal is to celebrate our mutual interests in Irish culture, business, education, and social/community initiatives by providing opportunities and experiences for all of our members. Our network was one of the first chapters to be founded under our umbrella organization, Irish Network USA (IN USA), which is now 20 chapters strong and continues to grow. From Boston to California, collectively Irish Network is comprised of some 4,000 members, all of whom demonstrate a tangible allegiance to Ireland and everything it represents. 2015 is a significant year for our organization – not only because we celebrate our 5th birthday – but also because we will serve as the host city for the 3rd annual Irish Network USA (IN USA) National Conference in November of this year. We will keep you informed as the plans for this great event are developed and we encourage you to contact us directly with ideas and suggestions for this celebration. As members of IN Boston, you are the life blood of this organization and on behalf of our entire Board of Directors we thank you for your commitment and for your on-going support. We truly appreciate your relentless support of Ireland – in both prosperous and challenging times – which makes our efforts as a Board all the easier. Please do not hesitate to contact us at membership@irishnetworkboston.net


Fionnuala Quinlan

Consul General

As Consul General of Ireland, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Irish Network Boston for your important work on behalf of Ireland. There is a wealth of talent, energy and goodwill among the board and membership of the Network, which you have harnessed for the good of the global Irish family. Your commitment and dedication is deeply appreciated. Your organisation has proven effective at connecting people with each other and with Irish organisations and businesses in order to strengthen the social, economic and cultural links between our two great countries. Your support of the peace process in Northern Ireland is particularly important and appreciated IN Boston, like so much of the US, proved a valuable resource and support as Ireland worked hard to recover from the economic crisis and to successfully rebuild our economy and our international reputation. As our economy grows, this support continues to be greatly valued. The strong and enduring links between Ireland and Boston have been forged through a shared history of emigration, travel, culture, politics and business. As Irish Network Boston appreciates more than most, these connections are vital and require constant attention in order to remain strong into the future. As a relatively new organisation, Irish Network Boston has been to the forefront of many initiatives which have drawn the ties that bind us ever closer. You have provided a very open community, where people from Ireland, people of Irish heritage and those who feel bonds of affinity with Ireland, can connect with each other and with Ireland. The Network also brings people from different generations together. Your work brings to mind the Irish proverb “Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine” which translates as ‘people live in the shadows of one another’ and essentially means that we need one another in order to survive and thrive. I wish IN-Boston continued success your work. Guím gach rath agus séan ar obair IN-Boston